Emirates S16 Operational Aircraft Changes as of 15-DEC-2015

Emirates gradually updated planned operational aircraft changes for summer 2016 season, effective 27-MAR-2016. Planned operational aircraft changes between 27-MAR-2016 and 29-OCT-2016 as follow. Note this post only covers aircraft adjustment. Dubai ?? Ahmedabad eff 01-MAY-2016 EK540/541 Day 257 operates with A340-300, replaces 777-200 Dubai ?? Bangalore eff 27-MAR-2016 EK568/569 777-300 replaces -300ER, daily Dubai ?? Delhi EK516/517 777-300 operates daily, replacing -200/-300/-300ER Dubai ?? Kochi EK530/531 A330-200 on Day 7 replaced by 777-300ER in Sep, -200LR in Oct EK532/533 A330-200 on Day 5/6 replaced by 777-300ER in Oct Dubai ?? Kolkata Operational aircraft changes EK570/571 eff 02-JUL-2016 Day 6 operated by 777-300ER, replaces -200 (Daily 777-300ER from 01-OCT-2016) EK572/573 eff 27-MAR-2016 777-200 operates 6 weekly, replacing 777-200/A330-200 mix Dubai ?? Mumbai eff 27-MAR-2016 EK508/509 777-200LR replaces -200, daily


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