China to build 50 new cargo airports before 2020

China will complete over 50 new cargo airports before 2020, said Dong Faxin, deputy director general of the Development Planning Department of Civil Aviation Administration of China, at a press conference held on Sept. 18.

According to Dong, the country‚??s terminals will be expanded by more than seven million square meters. In addition, 68 runways will be constructed, together with 1,832 aircraft stands, and 26 traffic hubs.

By the end of July, China has constructed a total of 225 cargo airports and 310 general airports.

The country has invested 755.5 billion RMB ($114.5 billion) in civil aviation infrastructure since 2012, with 53 cargo airports, 48 runways, and 971 stands constructed.

Courtesy: Peoples Daily 
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