Hurricane IRMA: Flights to Caribbean disrupted

Gusts of up to 185mph have been predicted for the north-east Caribbean in the early hours of Tuesday morning as Hurricane Irma gather strength in the Atlantic. 

Antigua, Anguilla and the Virgin Islands are likely to be badly affected by high winds as the hurricane progresses west. Puerto Rico, the north coast of the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas and Cuba could also sustain damage.

The Florida Governor, Rick Scott, has declared a state of emergency for every county in the state.

British Airways has already started cancelling flights, saying: "As a result of the expected storm caused by Hurricane Irma, we have been advised by Antigua airport authorities that operations will be significantly impacted on Tuesday 5 September."

BA has cancelled the morning flight from Gatwick to Antigua, which normally continues to the island of Tobago.

Delta, Caribbean and American Airlines also affected by storm

Delta Airlines flights on Tuesday and Wednesday to San Juan in Puerto Rico, St Croix and St Thomas in the Virgin Islands and St Maarten may cancelled.

Courtesy: Independant
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