Indian metro cities will need 2nd airport each by 2030

Every major Indian metropolitan city will need a second airport by 2025 or 2030, says a new report. The ?Maximising the contribution of aviation to the Indian economy? study, produced by the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA) on behalf of TATA SIA Airlines, found that the development of new aviation infrastructure will need to be accelerated in the upcoming years, in order to provide a sharp and sustained rise in traffic. CAPA?s forecast says that by 2030, India?s airport traffic is expected to exceed 900 million. With an annual growth of 10 per cent from this level, there will be a need for an additional capacity of 90 million annually. It also states that it will require a ?long-term national level policy, backed by adequate central assistance which will fasten the development of airport infrastructure?. ?To match pace with this projected growth, an enabling environment is required which needs the attention of the highest levels of government to establish a clear vision and roadmap for the sector,? the report says. ?In a country with low penetration of aviation, where only an estimated 1-2 per cent of the population travel by air and the annual per capita seats are less than a quarter that of China, Indonesia or Thailand, the results of this nurturing could be transformative for the economy.? The report goes on to call for the creation of a new ?airports approval commission? to determine what kind of airports India requires, when and where they are required, and how much capacity is necessary.


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