Brussels Airport in full preparation for partial restart

In the past few days, Brussels Airport has made an extensive analysis of the terminal infrastructure and of the various possible scenarios for a partial recommencement of its activities. When this partial restart will take place is not yet decided. That depends on the various processes that have to be restarted. The simple fact is that a restart in the short term is not possible in the devastated infrastructure. Brussels Airport began erecting temporary constructions last Thursday. These include the additional security measures that are being implemented at all Belgian airports on the orders of the government. The departure flow will run via temporary constructions to the ground-floor zone of Connector. There an area will be installed with temporary check-in desks where passengers can report for their flight and also hand in their luggage. From there the route will make use of the service stairway to the familiar screening platform of Connector, which emerged undamaged from the attacks. The government authorities concerned must give their approval to the security system as well as to the partial recommencement of the airport activities Source:


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