Jet Airways Expands Mumbai ? Dubai Flights from March 2016

Indian carrier Jet Airways will introduce additional daily service on Mumbai ? Dubai route starting March 2016 , as it adds 6th daily operation from 01-MAR-2016. The new flight operates following schedule from 01-MAR-2016 to 26-MAR-2016. Flt # ETD ETA AIRCRAFT FREQUENCY 9W558 BOM 07:05 DXB 09:00 73H DAILY 9W557 DXB 11:10 BOM 15:40 73H DAILY This flight will switch to night-time operation from 27-MAR-2016. Overall schedule from 27-MAR-2016 as follow. Flt # ETD ETA AIRCRAFT FREQUENCY 9W580 BOM 01:55 DXB 03:35 73H DAILY 9W542 BOM 09:20 DXB 11:00 73H DAILY 9W536 BOM 12:15 DXB 13:55 73H DAILY 9W538 BOM 15:30 DXB 17:10 73H DAILY 9W544 BOM 18:55 DXB 20:35 73H DAILY 9W558 BOM 20:05 DXB 21:45 73H DAILY 9W579 DXB 05:00 BOM 09:45 73H DAILY 9W541 DXB 12:00 BOM 16:45 73H DAILY 9W535 DXB 15:10 BOM 20:00 73H DAILY 9W537 DXB 18:35 BOM 23:20 73H DAILY 9W543 DXB 21:45 BOM 0215+1 73H DAILY 9W557 DXB 23:15 BOM 0400+1 73H DAILY


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