China pitches for creation of Maritime Silk Road through India

As the two Asian majors ? India and China ? attempt to grab the world attention as next growth destinations, Chinese leaders have called for joint cooperation to develop 21st Century Maritime Silk Road that would strengthen global trade with the two nations positioned as crucial positions. "India stands at the intersection of the Silk Road on land and the Maritime Silk Road, along which Gujarat used to be an inevitable stop. Guangdong for its part is one of the starting points of the Maritime Silk Road and the strategic hub of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road," said said Zhu Xiaodan, Governor of Guangdong Province addressing the China - India Economic and Trade Cooperation Conference 2015 held here. He mentioned that the Guangdong province has worked out the implementation plan for Guangdong?s Participation in the Development of the Belt and Road Initiative as part of One Belt and One Road (OBAOR) development. The conference witnessed 15 memorandum of agreements (MoUs) being signed amounting to $590 million (approx ?3,900 crore) between the companies from India with their counter parts from China. The inked deals cover crucial sectors like infrastructure, energy, agriculture, information technology, electronics and pharmaceuticals. Courtesy: The Hindu Business Line


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