Thick fog blankets Delhi and North India, forces passengers to remain stuck in planes

As many as 400 flights were delayed across India as thick fog blanketed Delhi and other parts of north India, forcing passengers to remain stuck in planes and airport terminals for hours. In the first such episode this winter, which has been relatively mild thus far, 10 flights were diverted and 22 were canceled while road and rail traffic were also disrupted. No flights left Delhi between 4:30 and 10:00 in the morning, with visibility down to 50 metres and at times even 30 metres. While planes can land under CAT IIB conditions in visibility of 50 metres, they are not allowed to take off unless this extends to 125 metres. Similar conditions may occur between 7 and 9 am on Saturday, forecasters said. Flights held up in Delhi had a cascading effect on schedules throughout the country.


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