Ethiopian Airlines begins freighter services to Bengaluru

Ethiopian Airlines, the largest airline in Africa, has started freighter flights to Bengaluru, the 4th destination in India, in addition to Mumbai, New Delhi and Chennai, the company said in a statement. ?Ethiopian Airlines has placed itself at the centre of the crucial China-India-Africa trade lane helping robust growth of Cargo operation.? Bengaluru is home to more than 2,000 high-tech companies and increasingly seeing a high growth in biotech, healthcare and construction industries. The city has around 200 biotech companies making it the largest biotechnology cluster in India. Moreover, Bengaluru is a nanotechnology hub on the lines of IT and biotech sectors. Tadesse Tilahun, Regional Director India Sub Continent at Ethiopian, said, ?Bengaluru is an important sector for us since it is a hub of IT and biotech sectors apart from housing various MNC set ups. Ethiopian Airlines wanted to capitalise on this opportunity by adding Bengaluru as the 4th destination in India in addition to Mumbai, New Delhi and Chennai, as of 2nd December 2015.? Courtesy: The Hindu Business Line.


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